Signs of Being Pregnant

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The following signs of being pregnant will help guide you on the road of figuring out if you are truly expecting or if it is just a false alarm.

In the really early stages, it’s more than likely that you won’t have any noticeable symptoms until up to two weeks after a missed period.

You may not be keeping track of your menstrual cycle so you may not know exactly when your period is due. So if you start to notice some of these symptoms and you realize you’ve not had a period for a while, it’s quite possible that you could be pregnant.

signs of pregnant

It is important to point out though that not all women experience these symptoms. If pregnancy is a possibility, it’s worth taking a home pregnancy test to find out.

Pregnancy Sign #10

You may feel absolutely exhausted during these early stages. It’s not known why women suffer with such enormous fatigue during the first trimester, but it’s likely to be due to rising levels of progesterone.

With the arrival of the second trimester you should begin to feel more energetic. Unfortunately you will probably hit the fatigue sooner than later.

Pregnancy Sign #9
Sore, swollen breasts

An early symptom of pregnancy is sensitive, sore breasts; this is caused by rising hormone levels. You may have noticed that your breasts feel sore just before your period, during the early stages of pregnancy, the tenderness can feel like a heightened version of this. As your body adjusts to your pregnancy in the second trimester, this tenderness should ease.

Pregnancy Sign #8
Implantation bleeding

At about 11-12 days after conception, a number of women report one of the unique signs of being pregnant - a small amount of vaginal bleeding. This often coincides roughly with the time you are expecting your period. It isn’t known what causes this bleeding but it’s likely to occur as the fertilized egg burrows into the lining of the uterus.

Unlike your period, implantation bleeding is very light (appearing as red spotting or pink or reddish-brown staining) and lasts only a day or two. You should always contact your practitioner if you do experience any spotting or bleeding, especially if you are experiencing any pain with it, this can be a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy.)

Pregnancy Sign #7
Nausea or vomiting

Morning sickness usually kicks in about four weeks after conception and is one of the nastier signs of being pregnant. A few fortunate ones don’t suffer from this at all whilst some feel the effects a little earlier. Sickness in pregnancy can occur at any time of day and isn’t always limited to the mornings.

For about 50% of women, nausea and vomiting eases completely by the start of the second trimester. The majority of the others improve up to a month later.

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