Prenatal Ultrasound


Even in today’s world with all of our scientific development, no-one actually knows the long-term effects of prenatal ultrasound use. The majority of practitioners feel that ultrasound is completely safe because studies have not produced evidence of any ill-effects. Others are more cautious and suggest that ultrasound should be used vigilantly.

It is important to point out that X-rays were in use for around fifty years before members of the public were aware of any ill-effects. DES and thalidomide were also believed to be safe until they were later found to cause of cancer, sterility and anomalies.

prenatal ultrasounds

The use of ultrasound may lead to highly invasive and risky procedures should the ultrasound raise a concern regarding the well-being of the unborn baby. This is potentially the greatest risk of the overuse of ultrasound technology - and to the goal of getting pregnant... Having a healthy baby.

Prenatal Ultrasound Studies

Non-diagnostic prenatal ultrasound has shown real biological effects such as cell heating and thermal effects when used on plants and animals. In truth these experiments have resulted in various outcomes and are difficult to relate directly to human outcomes. Furthermore, it must not be forgotten that diagnostic ultrasound uses much lower intensities.

The current epidemiologic data demonstrates no adverse results from ultrasound use. A great number of researchers believe that the benefits of diagnostic ultrasound far outweigh the risks. Human studies have not documented negative outcomes, with the exception of one study which showed an increase in fetal activity for the majority of exposed babies when scanned with the fetal Doppler.

Overusing Prenatal Ultrasound Technology

Several consumer groups have queried the necessity of ultrasound equipment in doctors’ offices, suggesting that physicians may order unnecessary ultrasounds in order to pay for the costly equipment. If this were the case, then it increases the amount of unnecessary exposure and raises the cost of care. It may also increase the risk of additional unnecessary and expensive prenatal intervention.

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