3D Ultrasound Pictures

3D Ultrasound pictures are exciting to see and especially to get performed. While there is not major differences between image characteristics - such as color, density, or texture... There is major differences when comparing ultrasound images from week to week.

You would be astonished at the difference between a baby at 15 weeks and 30 weeks. Below we have a couple specialized 3D ultrasound pictures to share with you. Below each image there will be a short description of details.

3d ultrasound pictures

The above image is a 3d Ultrasound picture taken at approximately 28 weeks.

ultrasound picture

The picture above was taken at 31 weeks.

4d ultrasound pictures

This last image is actually a 4D ultrasound image, notice the texture and image quality differences. This picture was taken at approximately 33 weeks.

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