Natural Childbirth

The Good & The Bad

Many women are curious about natural childbirth and the advantages / disadvantages of it. Additionally, many women are keen to remain in as much control as possible during labor and childbirth.

The best way to do this is to opt for a natural approach without the use of drugs.

Avoid interventions where possible and limit routines such as fetal monitoring during the labor and birth.

If you do choose this path, you must accept that you will experience some pain and discomfort during the birth process.

natural childbirth

Make sure you aware of what to expect during each stage of natural childbirth.

Opting for a natural birth can be a deeply satisfying experience for the birthing mother.

The advantages of natural childbirth:

• The majority of natural childbirth practices require no intervention, so there are no harmful side effects to you or your baby.

• A large number of women feel empowered during a labor they are in control of. Although they do experience the pain, many go on to have a natural birth again the next time round. Being in control can help to make childbirth a more enjoyable experience.

• Giving birth naturally means you will be alert and aware at all times. You will be able to move around as much as you like and will be able to get into positions that you find most comfortable.

• When you’re not attached to an IV or a monitor, you can move around freely.

• Women opting for natural childbirth are less likely to need interventions such as oxytocin (Pitocin) to make your contractions stronger, bladder catheterization, or a vacuum extraction or forceps delivery.

• Your partner can take a more active role in the natural birth, working with you to help manage your pain.

• You can practice breathing exercises, visualization, and self-hypnosis before you go into labor, these techniques can also be useful for dealing with the everyday stresses of looking after a newborn baby.

The disadvantages of natural childbirth labor without drugs:

• An epidural completely eliminates pain whereas with natural techniques you will still feel the pain. For a natural labor and birth you will need to be prepared to work with the pain.

• If you end up having a lengthy or complicated labor, you may find pain management difficult with natural childbirth.

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